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VISION MEDICAL TECHONOLOGY CO., LTD is an innovative technology company that mainly develops R&D, produce, customized life sciences, biomedical consumables, small instruments and automation equipment. The company has a complete research and development center, sales center and technical service center, and has its own manufacturing base.

Since establishment in 2012, the company has been well-known in the industry for its high quality, leading technology, and comprehensive, efficient customized development services. Products involve laboratory equipment, scientific research consumables, medical testing equipment, medical aesthetics and health care fields etc.

We currently have more than 40 patents for inventions and utility models, and have obtained FDA/CE and other qualifications. We are a high-tech storage and training enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Our products are widely used in life sciences, analytical chemistry, clinical diagnosis, medical health and food testing and many other fields.

We insist on meeting the needs of users, improving innovation capabilities as the corporate vision, and constantly creating greater value for customers and society.

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